Who We Are

About solos®

solos® is originated from Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN), a leading provider of wearable computing headsets solutions for the U.S. military and enterprise markets. Comprised of a group of top engineers and eyewear architects, solos® is expertise in innovating eyewear with over 30 patents and is well-known for its debuted Solos Sports, the US Olympian-Approved smart cycling glasses. Today, solos® is dedicated to designing smart eyewear to every one of you. As the everyday eyewear, solos® provides comfy experience with the patented Whisper™ Audio Technology for superb noise cancellation and audio quality. Our eyewear are ergonomically designed, lightweight and flexible, it allows to change frames from a versatile selection. If you enjoy smart living, solos® smart eyewear will be your perfect all-day-long companion.

Our Mission

Solos believes everyone, no matter who you are, deserves a smart living with technology. Solos is dedicated to delivering a smarter, healthier and more liberate life to people by designing leading-edge smart wearables.